No water sensor alerts in device handler


I’m trying to use a third party water leak sensor with a SmartThings Hub, and having a bit of trouble receiving water leak alerts in the device handler. I can get all other data from the sensor such as temperature and humidity, but not water alerts.

I’ve narrowed down that the sensor uses IAS Zone cluster, and I’ve verified that the hub enrolled to zone status change notifications (when I read cluster 0x0500, attribute 0x0000, it comes back with 0x01, and when I read attribute 0x0010, it comes back with the same EUI listed in the Hub’s settings page).

I’m waiting on a zigbee sniffer to see what’s going on, but just wondering if anyone has any pointers I might try in the device handler.


@Paul_Musgrave are you using zigbee.enrollResponse in configure to setup the IAS zone? One possibility if you’re not using that is the byte order of the hubs EUI is backwards. It needs to be little endian.

If you haven’t already you could try using this DTH for the device or use it as a model for creating your own:

@tpmanley Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I’m using zigbee.enrollResponse.

I think this DTH was where I first started, and it’s pretty close to what I wrote myself. This one reports the sensor as wet 100% of the time.

One thing I just noticed with this one, it logs:
description: zone report :: type: 19 value: 0001
and I don’t see type 19 anywhere in the Zigbee cluster library. Do you know what type 19 means?