XBee S2C with ST Water Leak Sensor


I’m building a new ZigBee network for my home using a Xbee S2C ZigBee co-ordinator with couple of sensors. My co-ordinator is able to discover and configure the ST Water Leak Sensor. I’m able to read the attributes correctly. Even IAS Zone notification is sent out correctly when water is detected (and otherwise). One problem I’m facing is that the device keeps sending announcement (Cluster 0x0013, Profile 0x0000) every few seconds and does not stop.

I’ve referred to https://github.com/SmartThingsCommunity/SmartThingsPublic/blob/master/devicetypes/smartthings/smartsense-moisture-sensor.src/smartsense-moisture-sensor.groovy to implement the device handler in my solution.

Are there any special configuration or settings required for ST water leak sensor to stop this. From my solution I bind the device to my co-ordinator, configure reporting to battery, temperature and IAS zone including writing the co-ordinator address and sending Zone Enroll Response.

I’ve few other door sensor which work fine once configured.

Any inputs on this will be helpful.


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