Hue Status via SmartThings

Just curious if SmartThings should be discovering the status of my Hue lights when a process other than SmartThings has set them.

If not, is this planned for an update?

I remember reading a thread that said it does not get the status if it is changed via the Hue app itself. (Could have been an old one) I don’t recall if there was a note about it being on the list to add, though.

The Hue bridge’s API provides a single HTTP “GET” request to retrieve the status of all lights as JSON. So while I have yet to wrap my head around device-types at this point, it should be simple to add to the existing one.

The status get is ran on poll() which SHOULD run every 5 minutes. poll() has some use cases where it doesn’t run if there is activity on the device.

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I use the Hue app and a third party app called Hue Pro. In either case, the status of all my Hue bulbs is updated in ST. Take a look at the event log for your hub and you should see everything there. Saturation, Hue, Brightness, etc…

@urman Is there an event we can handle in SmartApps when poll() detects a state change?