No Standard Light Switch?


I am new to Smart Things. I am interested in controlling an outdoor light by replacing the current switch with a Z-Wave or Zigbee-compatible switch. The existing switch is a classic toggle switch, and is in the same box as 3 other switches, which I would not be replacing. So, the wall plate has 4 small rectangular holes for the switches. In looking for ST compatible switches, I only find the large, paddle-style toggle switches, and not the classic style. I also see that the Insteon line has a switch (2466SW ToggleLinc), which would be perfect, but to my understanding this switch would not be controllable with my Smart Things hub (incompatible). This type of switch seems like such a basic device, that I have a hard time believing there is nothing compatible for Smart Things. What am I missing?

(Greg) #2

use an aeon micro dimmer switch in the box and you can keep your existing “classic” toggle switch and current face plate. if it is a 4 gang box there should be plenty of room for the micro switch.


Thanks Greg, I did look inside the box, and it does appear that there is sufficient room. So, I am ordering some now! Thanks for the quick response and advice. Fairly straightforward.