Compatible light switches

I’m wanting to purchase a light switch to turn on and off an outside light. Will the below light switch work with Smartthings?

GE Add-On Switch only for GE Z-Wave, GE ZigBee and GE Bluetooth Wireless Smart Lighting Controls, NOT A STANDALONE SWITCH, Incl. White & Light Almond Paddles, 12723, Works with Alexa

If not, which light switches are compatible with Smartthings?

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That is the “add on” to a parent switch. There are plenty of compatible switches out there:

  • Inovelli
  • GE/Jasco
  • Homeseer
  • Zooz
  • etc.

Just do some searching on this board or search on the internet for “works with SmartThings”. SmartThings supports both Z-wave and ZigBee devices out of the box and there are some other such as Lutron and Phillips Hue that require additional gateways.

GE 12722 or GE 14291.

The model you reference is an add-on, has no radio inside. It is meant for a 3-way setup with one of the switches listed above.

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So, which switch do I need that has a radio in it? I need 14 light switches, do all of them need radios? Does it matter if they are LED bulbs?

I’ve looked online and on this site. Im not find what I think I’m looking for. I’m new here, are there part numbers and or links?

Have you had a chance to look at the device class features FAQ? It might give you a better idea of what you’re looking for. :sunglasses:

Also, if you really want to make things simple, just stick with devices on the official compatibility list:

As far as accessory switches that don’t have radios in them, the easiest thing is just to choose a compatible master switch ( all the master switches will have radios) and then choose the accessory switches that the manufacturer says go with that master switch if you have places where you need a three-way set up.

Accessory switches that don’t have a radio should all have some mention of that in their product descriptions, like “not a stand-alone switch, requires the master…“ Or something similar. For example, the product description for this which you are asking about in your first post says

  • Requires a GE Home Automation Switch. This is NOT a standalone switch. (This product is an add-on only switch, and requires an existing GE Home Automation Switch to function. Without a GE Home Automation Switch, the Add-On Switch WILL NOT OPERATE.)

So that’s telling you that it needs a master switch, it doesn’t work on its own.