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No smart apps have been added?


Hey guys. New to the St community and got my hub set up tonight and working with my schlage lock.

I added a couple apps through the web site for auto lock/unlock upon arrival. When I look on the computer they are listed but when I look in the app on my phone it says no smart apps have been added?

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You’ll need to install them after you add them via the IDE.

  • Tap “Marketplace” on the bottom menu bar
  • Tap “SmartApps” on the top menu bar
  • Scroll down to and tap on “My Apps”

There you should see the SmartApps you added in the IDE. Tap on the one you’d like to install and it will ask you for any settings it needs. Once you’re done with that, it should be up and running.


Is there any reason to add then through the smart app?

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When you paste the code into the IDE and save/publish it for yourself, you’re not actually “installing” the SmartApp. You’re just making it available to yourself to install.

The actual installation/configuration happens when you go through the steps I outlined above.



This FAQ might help explain the publishing process for smartapps (this is a clickable link):