Adding Smart Apps from the new developer interface help needed

Hi there.

Can someone please help? I am trying to add new smart apps from some codes that i have found on the forum but I am struggling. The interface is nothing like whats been described in the installation notes anywhere. The FAQ is also bonkers, nothing makes sense here

Is there a new guide or video somewhere?

I am in the UK and would like to add this

To my smart apps. Please do help

First of all, the Hive code requires both a custom smartapp and a set of custom device type handlers. If you read the FAQ it explains the difference between the two. For the hive devices you have to use both.

Second, if you are using the “SmartThings Classic” mobile app, the FAQ should all make sense. However, if you are using the “smartthings (Samsung connect)” app (STSC), you will not be able to use any custom device type handlers at this time.

If you want to add a custom smartapp, you can, but you have to add it through the SmartThings classic app first. Then it will show up on your smartapps list in the other app as well. But you still won’t be able to use custom device type handlers with the STSC app. :disappointed_relieved:


Thanks for your response. I am using the classic version. My understanding is that the app needs to be added and published from the web interface on and then activated from the classic app, please correct me if I am wrong.

Have you seen the dev interface? Is it new?

Nothing in the FAQ instructions tell me how to deal with the interface there.

They are working on a complete change to the cloud platform. The docs that you have linked to have to do with that new platform. But it’s not what you need in order to use the code that you will find in this forum. That code is published through the “IDE,” The old “integrated development environment” used for groovy. The name has now been changed to the “groovy IDE.”

As far as I know, all of the instructions in the custom code FAQ still apply.

But I will leave any follow on to some of the people who are actually doing The coding.

Since you are trying to get the hive code working, I suggest you ask your question in that thread. The original author will be automatically notified when a new post is added to that thread and other people who are using the code will also be able to help.

But ignore all of the new documentation that you found other than the custom code FAQ. That all goes with the new platform, and it’s not how you will install current groovy code.

None of the confusion is your fault, of course – – they have been releasing bits and pieces of the new platform without fully documenting either what it is or when you should use it, and everybody is getting confused. :scream:


Also, please don’t use abbreviations with suffixes like “.com”

They will end up looking like links to other people and that will confuse everybody.

I assume you were trying to say “” when you wrote “” In future forum posts, please spell that out.


Thank you JDRoberts. This has definitely helped.

For anyone trying to access the correct place to add your smartapps and device DTH, please go to

Just go to the first page of this forum and click on the link that says “developer tools“ near the top right of the page under the Additional Resources header.

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There a multiple different IDE URLs!

… See the Shard faq and/or use