No option to reconnect service after password reset?

This is driving me crazy. Is there a place somewhere to reconnect services linked to SmartThings?
I have a whole bunch of TP-Link Kasa dimmers linked to SmartThings and I had to change my TP-Link password yesterday, so obviously SmartThings can’t communicate with TP-Link Kasa anymore and all devices are unavailable in ST.
I don’t want to unlink then relink the service from ST because from what I understand, I will have to fix all my ST and webCoRE configs that work with Kasa devices and I don’t want to go throu all that trouble.

In the ST app, click Menu (3 horizontal lines) then top right click the gear icon and select linked services.

Then under your hub name click the TP-Link | Kasa Smart (that’s what I have) and log in.

Just an FYI… you will need to get off webcore by the end of the year. It will cease when groovy supports ends on the ST platform.

Already looked there, but thing is I never got logged out, all I see there, along with all my TP-Link devices, is a button to unlink the service. I expected to see a login button the first time I checked after the password change, but no. And yet, all my TP-Link devices are offline.

@jkp I didn’t know that, I don’t have time to follow what’s going on really. That’s bad. I have quite a lot of really handy pistons. Will there be an official ST replacement or something? Because right now we can’t do much with routines and what not. Really not powerful enough

Just Routines, Scenes and Smart Lighting. Additionally, you can check out Rules API and SharpTools.

As far as changing the password for TP-Link Kasa, it happens to users now and again. The only solution I have seen at this point is to remove the integration and add it back. You may want to contact Support at both ST and TP-Link to see f there is a better option available. I haven’t seen anyone post a way to resolve it on the forums.

Details on the transition from groovy to Edge on the ST platform:

I guess I’ll have to unlink then relink then. It will probably be easier and I’m sure if I contact support, I will have to do so anyways.

So Samsung is going the Google way eh: taking away useful features people like and use.
They need a scripting engine or something to replace webCoRE or else this thing will be rendered useless, for me anyway.

The following should be of interest:

Replace Groovy with Automations—what’s your plan?