No Notifications in Smart Things (New App)

I have checked all the settings on the (2018) new Smart Things app and everything is enabled from the app to the notifications on my iPhone. When I view the notifications on the app, there is nothing displayed, where is the magic trick to get notifications on all the activity when a light is switch on or off, an automation has run, etc.? I have searched the community and am not finding an exact answer to my issue. Thanks for the help!

What automation do you have setup to send a notification?

I guess I am trying to understand how, when, and what type of notifications the app will generate? I have read other feeds where someone has said they get a notification when an automation has run, or if a light was turned on, etc. I can see all my devices are setup to notify — but nothing is happening?

As far as I know, the only notifications that automatically occur are low battery alerts and water sensor alerts. Otherwise, you need to install/setup an automation to send the notificaton. SmartThings provides some pre-defined automations (aka smart apps) that can do this, like Smart Lock Guest Access, SmartThings Home Monitor, Ready for Rain, etc. Or you can create your own via the custom automation creator.