NO/NC Contact Sensor

(Jim Baker) #1

I have a 3rd party alarm (a sump level alarm) which has a NO/NC output which I’d like to integrate. Any suggestions? Thanks !!

(Jeremy) #2

Give the Schlage RS100HC V N N SL Home Door and Window Sensor with Nexia Home Intelligence (Z-Wave) a try. Inside the sensor is an undocumented external switch screw terminal. Open it up, attach your NC output from the sump pump and when its alarm trips, it should open, which will then trigger your SmartThing.

This reminds me to do the same on my sump pump, as well as my HVAC condenser pump.

(Blake Westerdahl) #3

I second Jeremy’s suggestion for the Schlage RS100HC. I have integrated my security camera motion sensors and hard wired smoke alarms through this method.

(Chuck) #4

@mcotis and @trotsky40 does the rs100 have a NO connection or just NC?

(Jeremy) #5

NC vs. NO doesn’t really matter a whole lot with sensors; only switches.

However FYI just like all alarm sensors, they expect the circuit to be CLOSED.
When the circuit is opened, a security sensor normally sends a signal.
However since we are lucky enough to have cool SmartThing software, there is no reason why you can change your event handling to trigger when something is opened or closed.

(Jim Baker) #6

Thanks all - sounds like an easy fit.

(Brian) #7

I would suggest the MIMOlite. It will allow you to sense NO or NC as well as give you a NO or NC output to control something like a backup pump.
The MIMO also supports “association groups” where it can trigger other z-wave devices based on the input. I dont know how this works with ST. I havent tried this personally.