Integration with ION Sump Pump Controller

I have a ION Genesis sump pump controller. It has an alarm out connection that is Normally closed. The connection opens under an alarm state. It is rated at 30V/DC @ 1 amp MAX. I’m trying to find a device that I can use to connect this into my Smartthings Hub.

Start here:

This is not what I’m looking for & will not work for my situation. I have a sump pump controller that cycles two pumps. The controller sends an alarm for high water levels or when a pump or water sensor malfunctions. It’s not an alarm just when a pump runs.
I just need something that sends a signal to the Smartthings Hub when the alarm circuit opens.

I’ve used the Ecolink door sensor (DWZWAVE2.5-ECO) for situations like this - it has terminals to wire external sensors. That should work if it’s just an open/closed circuit, like how a wired alarm contact sensor functions.

You posted the rating of the device in your first post though - does it actually push current through the circuit when tripped, perhaps intending to power an external light or siren? If so, I don’t think the Ecolink would work.

It’s normally closed so according to the specifications it has a 30v DC current at a max of 1 amp current at it’s normal state. When it goes into the alarm function the current or voltage stops or opens.
My concerns with the Ecolink door sensor or the Schlage RS100HC V N N SL would be the 30v with 1 amp current at it’s normal state.

I took a look at the manual. I think it’s saying that that is the max that the external device monitoring the circuit can pass through it. I think it’ll work as any other simple contact sensor, and the Ecolink (or a similar device with terminals for an external sensor) would work. If you have a meter that you can put on the two relevant pins, you can confirm that.

You are right. There is no current passing through the relevant wires. They are either closed for normal or open in the alarm state. I will give the Ecolink a try.

Thanks for your help philh30. It works perfectly. Now since it’s recognized as an entry alarm by Smartthings how is the best way to have it to alert all the time? Is there anyway to separate it from the stay, away setup? Probably a newbie question, but I am a newbie with this system.

I have an Ecolink with an external float sensor attached that I changed to use the “SmartSense Moisture” DH. The DH interprets the open/closed signals as wet/dry, which make more sense considering that the sensor is checking if my pool water level is too high in winter. Since it then is classified as a water sensor, SHM reports when it trips regardless of stay/away status. Considering you’re also dealing with water, the same thing might be logical for you. You would just need to make sure that it shows as wet when you want it to (I think open mapped to wet, but I’m not sure).

There’s also a smartapp called Notify Me When that can send a SMS or push notification when the contact sensor state changes. In the old app, it’s a built-in option under Safety & Security. I don’t think it can be installed in the new app, but it will show in the new app once installed. The new app also has a custom automation builder that should be easy enough to use to set up notifications.

Fantastic. Works just like I need it to. Thanks so much for your help. I’m slowly learning how this system works.

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