No motion detected from Ikea Trådfri Motionsensor

I have my motion sensor in smarthub integrated via the 4 times connect button method. After connecting the sensor I see the battery and motion sensor. But the motion sensor never detects any motion. S. Screenshot Link

I already tried to deinstall and reconnect a dozens of time. Sometimes the motion sensor isn’t installed correctly, sometimes the battery. But most of the times both get installed right, but never is any motion detected… I also tried another motion sensor fresh out of the bag, but with the same results. The motion sensors worked fine when directly paired with the Ikea Lamp

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happened to me after hub update. luckily I don’t use it much

Are you in the beta?

My Ikea motion sensor stopped working after the zigbee firmware on the hub was updated.

Like yours, it pairs to the hub and reports battery levels, it just doesn’t report motion.

I don’t think I’m in the beta. Here are my SW-Versions for Hub and Sensor. Anything I can do to use an older version?

try installing the Zigbee motion sensor Mc Edge Driver (check to see if it works with your sensor)

For me, whether using the ST Edge driver or Mariano’s, motion is not being detected.

The fact that @Tom_Tom is not part of the beta is curious.

Did everyone get the zigbee firmware change, or only the folks in the beta?

@Tom_Tom can you check your zigbee version in the IDE?
If it’s showing version 5.4.4, that’s the cause of the issue.

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I am not in the hub beta and I am using a v2 hub.

My ZigBee Version: is 5.4.2, and Firmware Version is 000.044.00009.

I am not having any ZigBee issues

Maybe I’m blind but I don’t find a code there for Zigbee motion sensor Mc

My Hub version is Version: 5.4.2. Firmware Version is 000.044.00009

In the first post, there is a link to another drive, tap it, login and subscribe to his channel and you will see all his drivers. From there you can enroll his sensor


You still have the prior firmware for the hub and zigbee stack, which were working fine previously.

Makes me think something is broken on the backend, but i think @orangebucket indicated his ikea motion sensor(s) is/are still working.

Mine are still running fine on a V2 hub running 44.9 with 5.4.2 Zigbee. They are using the beta channel Zigbee Motion driver which was updated on the evening of 4th October. All Zigbee devices are on Edge.

I don’t have any motion sensors on my ‘beta’ hub.

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For the Ikea motion sensor the zigbee Motion Sensor Mc driver is the same as the stock one, therefore it should work the same as the stock one

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Same issues here. 2 different motion sensors on my V3 hub. They join as expected, but do not report motion. I’ve used both the stock driver and the “mc” driver. I’d love to get these things to work as most of my other motion sensors are unreliable as hell.

The same thing happened to me. IKEA motion sensor stopped reporting motion. But this is not the only thing which happened, Zigbee pairing stopped working when I’m clicking Scan, but works when add some specific device.

My Ikea motion sensor is working again.

Yesterday’s beta firmware update from SmartThings resolved the problem for me.

I removed and re-added the device, now it’s working again.

Well true, now my motion is detected, but now it’s the other way around. Now after the first motion is detected it gets stuck in motion detected… Already tried some resets and after connecting the sensor removing the batteries. Removing the batteries and waiting 1 minute seemed to reset the motion sensor, but a new motion sets it again into motion detected mode without going back to no motion detected.

It seems the sensor resets but only after quite some time (approximately 5 Min.)

The Ikea motion sensor is supposed to have a 3 minute time period before it resets.

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My understanding is that when linked to a light in its native environment, the motion sensor will turn the light on when it detects motion and stop sensing motion for a while. I can’t remember how long but lets say one to two minutes. After three minutes without detecting motion (configurable on earlier models) it turns the light off.

In the SmartThings environment there is only a report when motion is detected. That’s it. The integrations read a setting from the device (the three minute one) and use that as the motion reset timer.

My motion sensor driver is published on 2022-10-11 and doesn’t detect motion. I can’t select any other driver because drivers list is empty :frowning:

At the same time Xiaomi motion sensor works fine .

Update: Used old groovy handler and the sensor stared working, removed the old groovy driver switched to the same edge driver from 2022-10-11 and the sensor still working!