No Micro 3 Speed Fan Controller yet?

I’ve been digging around the ceiling fan threads here on the forums and it does not appear that there is a micro (in the gang box) controller that will work with a 3 speed fan. Most of those threads are pretty old, so has one of these devices been invented yet?

Not yet. There are two zwave single gang switches is that can control a variable speed ceiling fan, one from Leviton and one from GE.

Some people have treated the switch as basically an in wall controller and put it up in the fan canopy if they didn’t have the necessary neutral at the wall Switch.

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Thanks JD. I did see that some were stashing them “inside” things to use them as sort of a micro. I do have neutrals in all of my gang boxes, I was wanting the micro because we want to use some nicer colored switches on the walls.

We rarely change the speed of the fan, so I’ll probably just go with the normal micro to control the on/off for the fan. I was just thinking it would be neat to do some fancy automation with temperature controlled fan speed and such. The fan’s lights are on their own separate switch, so I can just use a micro for them as well.

I think the lack of switch/outlet options is one of the biggest drawbacks to HA right now. You simply just can’t get the basic things you need. Hopefully with Echo and Google Home becoming more and more main stream, we will see an increase in smart device options.

I think the big challenge for multi speed in wall micro fan relay module is how are you going to physically control the speed with existing dumb switch.

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My thoughts were either a momentary paddle switch: 1 tap for low, 2 taps for med, and 3 taps for high. Not at all sure if that is possible or not.

The other thought was one of the three button switches out there. Again, no clue if any of them would work.

Bumping this tread to see if there are any new developments in micro fan speed controllers. I have a single pole ceiling fan with a light. I am currently using an Enerwave dual Relay to control fan on/off and light on/off

Recently I picked up this as a dimmer that I am going to put on the light. It says in the product description that it can do some fans but does not specify which. Most posts I have read say that you can not control fan speed with a dimmer as it is bad for the motor. I was thinking of giving it a shot and see what happens.

Would love to have a small device like either of these that can do fan speed control. As far as I know there are still no options available other than 1 gang fan speed controller. Is there? Also, why not? Seems like there is a huge hole in the market right here and there has to be a reason why. Patents? Technical constraints?

For a variable speed fan control, you need three separate windings. I just don’t think there’s room in a micro, smart or not.

Here are the current fan options. (The thread title says “Alexa,” but it’s the same solutions whether you are using a voice assistant or not)

FAQ: 2019 Ceiling Fan and Dimmer light wall mount control compatible with SmartThings and Alexa?

The Hampton Bay zigbee controller has three speed control (plus “comfort breeze” mode). Not exactly micro, but fits in most fan canopies.

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