*** No longer supported *** [RELEASE] Resilient My Ecobee Devices and ecosystem V6- migrated to custom capabilities & automation (presence, comfort settings, and more)!


Most of your questions are answered in the ST community wiki’s documentation under the configuration section. I recommend reading the documentation first before testing the app for your use cases.

BTW, ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule will follow the schedules set at the ecobee portal, so your setup is minimal.

1.) Is there a way to to use 1 instance of the scheduler app with 3 different schedules (work,home,sleep) and have the correct setpoints listed?

Yes, and the setpoints are linked to your ecobee comfort settings. You can actually define up to 12 schedules in the app for your custom comfort settings

2.) I have selected the option to create devices for each virtual zone so that the setpoint could be adjusted. If I make a change to the setpoint with the virtual zone, are the changes perm. or will they revert back after the schedule ends as the next one starts?

The setpoints are translated to temp deltas (or offsets) vs. your baseline setpoints in your ecobee schedules. The deltas will stay from one comfort settings to the next (ex. Home to Sleep). as they usually indicate cooler/hotter zoned rooms

3.) If I have multiple instances of the app (separate ones for work, home, sleep) will I have to generate virtual zones for each instance, or will the same virtual zone work across all instances (assuming the rooms and zone name are the same.

You don’t need multiple instances of the smartapp for your use cases. Multiple instances are only necesssary in a home with multiple physical zones (each linked to a master tstat).

4.) Has anyone attempted to add the virtual zones to sharptools? I can add the virtual zones to sharptools and all attributes report correctly, but I can not adjust the setpoints from sharptools. I am assuming this is because it’s something custom and not a typical switch/level.

Sharptools would need to support the ST standard thermostatSetpoint capability in order to do so. Most dashboards don’t support this capability sadly as they only support the heatingSetpoint/coolingSetpoint.

P.S. If you have some specific questions, you can also contact me at services@maisonsecomatiq.com

Thanks for the comment… I’m not sure I follow though. The Thermostat Setpoint capability is deprecated and only had the ability to report the thermostatSetpoint attribute.

The Thermostat capability (which is also deprecated in favor of the individual Thermostat ‘feature’ capabilities) is still recognized in SharpTools, but it’s not all that different than the Heating/Cooling variants as the primary methods of adjusting the setpoints are the same (setHeatingSetpoint() and setCoolingSetpoint()). When used in the Single Height Thermostat Tile layout, SharpTools does attempt to display the thermostatSetpoint attribute if it’s available - otherwise it falls back to the heatingSetpoint or coolingSetpoint accordingly… but it sounds like the concern here is primarily with the ability to adjust the setpoints.

correct, it would be adjustments to the virtual zones, not the main thermostat. (The main ecobee thermostats work correctly).

The virtual zone device only shows these types of tiles.

I could probably create button tiles and use either ruleengine in sharptools or webcore to adjust the setpoints. The only virtual zone I really need to adjust is my office. My husbands we can just adjust the thermostat.

Some days I’m hot and some days I’m cold so I usually like to adjust mine up or down every day :slight_smile:
I’ve also become very attached to the dashboard. I hate trying to find my phone, open the smartthings app, open the device, wait for everything to load just to adjust the virtual zone 1 degree.

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@GingerSaurusRed, I found a workaround for your dashboard issues.

Please download MyVirtualZone v2.2 & ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule v9.2 using the same sellfy dowload link.

Based on my custom setThermostatSetpoint capability (exposed in the UI presentation), I was able to expose the heating & cooling setpoints capabilities for easier integration with dashboards such as Sharptools and ActionTiles.


it’s now working. The regular thermostat doesnt’ work but if you change it to the dual thermostat it does work.

Thanks to both of you for helping out!!

With the Double Height Thermostat Tile, the individual Heating and Cooling related features are directly exposed. So on the first line, you’re seeing the heatingSetpoint and when you adjust things, it’s sending the setHeatingSetpoint() command. And on the second row, you’re seeing the cooling equivalent of that.

In the single height thermostat layout, some heuristics are needed to figure out what to display and what commands to send. As mentioned in my previous comment, the single height thermostat layout attempts to display the thermostatSetpoint if it’s available and if it’s not available it falls back to the heatingSetpoint or coolingSetpoint.

It does this based on a number of factors… for example, if the thermostatMode is ‘heat’ or ‘cool’, then we can infer which temperature should be displayed and also which command should be sent. Otherwise if the thermostat is only heating or only cooling enabled, then we can also infer what to display and what command to send. Otherwise the quick adjustment buttons are disabled and you have to use the Double Height layout to control the individual heating or cooling setpoints directly.

Based on your screenshot, it looks like the device is not reporting the standard thermostatMode attribute that’s part of the legacy Thermostat capability or the newer individual Thermostat Mode capability.

Note that you could also use the Variables feature in SharpTools to display a numeric variable on your dashboard with quick adjustments. Then setup a SharpTools Rule such that anytime the numeric variable is changed, it would make the thermostat adjustments that you’d like.

FYI, this is not intended to be a thermostat as the virtual zone cannot switch to heat/ cool/auto/off. The virtual zone represents 1 to many rooms and the status of all temp/motion/contact in that zone.

With the virtual zone, you can control all the vents in the aggregated rooms.

It doesn’t have a thermostatOperatingState, nor fan mode.

In brief, it’s simply not a thermostat…

The mode (heat,cool, auto, off) is saved as a custom attribute, but I didn’t want to expose it as thermostatMode capability as this is not an Actuator for most thermostat capabilities. .


It seems like that’s the remaining gap… if the mode could be mapped into thermostatMode, it sounds like that would solve the problem.

Otherwise as noted above, SharpTools Variables + Rules could be used to provide an interface for adjusting the setpoint. The Numeric Variable Tile can be configured to show Quick Adjust buttons and it looks and functions a bit like a Thermostat Tile… the downside to this is it’s up to the user to create the rules and map things between the variable and the thermostat when it feels like things are so close natively within the DTH.


I understand, but then users expect to use the thermostatMode capabilitity to switch mode and this device cannot do it.

That’s the problem with ST standard capabilities. Will you be able to support automation with custom capabilities later on?

At least for SharpTools, even if just the thermostatMode attribute was exposed without the associated capability, I believe it would achieve what @GingerSaurusRed is looking for.

We support automation with custom capabilities and commands already in the SharpTools.io Rule Engine. :smiley:

That’s why I was saying the approach with Variables and Rules could be used… it’s just not as easy to setup as just adding a Thermostat Tile to your dashboard. :wink:

The dashboard tiles expect devices to conform to capability definitions to expose the full set of features. Or as shown in the screenshot above, features are sometimes incrementally added/shown based on what the device reports back. And as a fallback, users can always either use the Hero Attribute Tile which can display any attribute from any device (even custom ones) or use SharpTools Variables + Rule Engine for custom integrations / custom control.

@joshua_lyon @GingerSaurusRed

The new versions for MyVirtualZone (v2.2.1) and ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule (v9.2.1) expose the thermostatMode for dashboard use. This has been tested under the ST and Hubitat platforms…

@GingerSaurusRed, you can download now using the same selffy download link.

This should solve your dashboard issues.


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I just purchased and installed strictly to get humidifier control. With my ecobee3 I cant adjust the humidifier in the device. It keeps reverting back to 40 (what I set on the thermostat manually). I click the number and manually change to 38, and it will go back to 40. The other controls seem to work.

My goal for this device handler is to more smartly adjust the humidifier levels based on outside weather. I have a humidifier on my furnace thats controlled by the ecobee. Current “frost control” mode is useless. I want rules such as if outside temp is below 20 degree F then set humidifier to 36%. if its between 20-30, set to 38%. etc etc.

Im assuming this should all be able to be accomplished with this app/handler?

edit: im able to get everything to work via webcore, but the humidity wont set in the app. I dont ever need to set it in the app if webcore works, but it still should work either way

Hi, for controlling the humidity level, please use the MonitorAndSetEcobeeHumidity at my github.

If it reverts to 40, there may be another smartapp/automation or scene that interferes…

Thanks i got it figured out. i think my sharptools dashboard was overriding it instantly.

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Good news for all my contributors (and all Ecobee users)…

You can now use the custom capabilities (presence, humidity, Ecobee climate set, mode, etc) for your Automation scenarios, see screenshot below:



Has the contact/motion combo been added and able to be used in ST?

Hi @rontalley, I spoke to ecobee APIs support about them recently, and there is no ecobee plan to add them to the APIs for now.


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Interesting device. One came in a 3 Lite bundle deal that I installed for a client. They didn’t necessarily need it but they are also looking at adding other “Smarts”. Would of been cool if we could get these into ST somehow.

I’ve always used the WindowsOrDoorsOpen smartapp to turn off air conditioning on the Ecobee whenever I have my patio door open. But today I noticed with the door opened, my air conditioning continued to run. I updated to the new SmartThings iOS app a few days ago, and when I went into the smartapp section, I don’t see the WindowsOrDoorsOpen smartapp listed anymore (I do see the rest of the myecobee devices smartapps listed though).

Is there a reason the WindowsorDoorsOpen smartapp doesn’t show up in the new ST app, and how do I go about fixing it?

@rvs007, no idea as it should be listed under your automations.
I’ve noticed that the new UI would take some time to populate…And, there are some missing automations in my own list.

You may want to check under the IDE first…In any case, if missing, you can add the smartapp using the option next to the 2 vertical dots in the upper right (android).