*** No longer supported *** [RELEASE] Resilient My Ecobee Devices and ecosystem V6- migrated to custom capabilities & automation (presence, comfort settings, and more)!

It’s called superiority complex. Not something to be so proud about! :rofl:


They have been warned b/c of you!!! Wow, what a nice shrink you’d make.

The reality is that you don’t know me and I don’t want to know you.

Dear lord, you two just need to get into the ring and have it out. Very unprofessional for someone wanting code. Personally, I am looking for a better device handler and something that incorporates my 3 remote sensors.


Hi @kahilzinger, if you want the best DTH for ecobee, you can find it here. You can read the testimonials about it in this thread, and even contact any contributors directly for feedback. Some contributors have been enjoying the code for more than 3 years now.

As an example, you can contact @plantucha or @rontalley who uses my DTH a lot with WebCoRE.

The last outburst from those 2 outsiders who don’t know anything about my DTH is just noise that you can ignore.


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I have never said a negative thing about your product or it’s capabilities, ever. I was calling you out for being a straight up pompous and conceited ass for the way you speak and communicate with people out here in the community whether they are a paying customer or someone who is trying to install a product for the first time. It’s not just one or two random people who have called you out for being condescending to them this year alone. We can post every single one of them if you want. Nowhere did I say that you didn’t have a great product. I was trying to convey to you that your people skills need work and to put someone else in the customer facing position that knows how to speak professionally and courteously to all your customers or potential future customers without an issue every week. I’m happy for you that your product is doing well and that’s your expertise and more power to you, but people, that’s not your forte and I hope you see the good in what I am trying to say and maybe you will change just for your customers alone. I’m just tired of seeing people trampled on and that’s why I spoke. I wish you well. Peace.


All the capabilities and commands available on the DTH are documented here. You’ll see that this DTH is quite different from the stock device and really leverages all ecobee APIs features.


With this DTH, as your HA requirements grow, it can grow with you. As an example, refer to my zoned heating and cooling solutions which are unique under the ST platform:


I strongly recommend searching for all available alternative DTH’s here before making a decision. I’m sure this DTH is the best one out there but you’ll learn this recent diatribe is nothing out of the ordinary for him. He has a history of attacking his customers here. Good luck with whatever you choose.

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You don’t know anything about the context. Do you know anything that happens before I responded to any of my customers. Sometimes, there have been exchanges (by email or PM) that you’re not aware of.

Also, you only look at the few negative exchanges and you exclude all the positive exchanges I had with most of them in this thread.

Based on my personal exchange with you, I see that you’re really a frustrated ST user, and you attack others like me personnally.


So, it’s best for you to move on with your life…


I have attacked nobody on this community here, until now, and only after you shot the first volley at me. But keep trying…

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I quoted the proper sequence of events so you don’t have to re-read the thread. The personal attack started with you.

No but I lost money on your Automatic integration and was told by you personally to pony up more $$ for support just a couple weeks after purchasing.

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Here was my orignal answer to you long time ago on your Automatic issue:

So, what’s the problem here?

I offered you some troubleshooting tips, and then my support package for a more thorough investigation under your ST account.

Do you realize that I was offering you to get into your ST account, and check what’s wrong under your account? This takes some time, and I cannot afford to do it for free when there is a specific issue that I cannot reproduce.

You never gave me any logs of your issue. How can I fix something that I don’t know anything about?

For me, it’s a good technical support based on what you provided to me.

For any COTS, this is pretty standard practices.

P.S. BTW, you didn’t lose any money as I sent you a new version 2 days after with a fix. You never responded to me after (to say if it’s fixed or not or to give any logs).


I have to join in here.

I obviously paid for the my ecobee device code and then posted some comments and questions about it (and some issues I was having). I also posted suggestions. Yves saw those comments as being “negative” and dissuading people from using his device handler. As a result, I guess I didn’t fit into his “positive comments” people and so, I don’t receive minor updates.

In my opinion, he solicits positive comments which is very sad to see especially because he’s done amazing work and his work should be able to stand on his own. Also, his attitude should really be better. As a fellow programmer, I’ve never understood why someone pointing out that there might be a potential bug in your app (which there was) has to lead to such defensive stances. I had to let him know even he wasn’t perfect.

Anyways, I’m still here because you’ve done really good work. Yves, please just chill out on defending your DTH so much and soliciting positive reviews.


This topic is temporarily closed for 4 hours due to a large number of community flags.

@SteveWhite yvesracine these kinds of arguments and questions about payments should be moved to email or PM. This thread has been locked multiple times due to user flags for moderation. If a particular conversation is not going to be useful for the community it’s best to have it in private. Please keep the conversations civil and avoid personal attacks.


This topic is temporarily closed for 4 hours due to a large number of community flags.

This topic was automatically opened after 4 hours.

@jody.albritton @slagle - There are multiple people on these forums, like the above and myself, who have paid for this DTH then mentioned issues or complaints about it and since then have stopped getting updates while others who “keep their mouth shut” or praise his work do continue to get updates. This is at the least very dishonest and at most could be considered illegal. Either yvesracine needs to CLEARLY state this policy in the first post or this post should be locked permanently.

Also all of us who have paid money for this DTH and have stopped receiving updates due to yvesracine arrogance deserve refunds.

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The update procedure is indicated at my store under my terms of service.

You pay for the original version and a download link is sent to your email address. Minor updates are sent to you if you follow the update procedure.


P.S. In your case, you posted publicly in this forum that you didn’t like My Ecobee device, so what are you trying to do here?

@jody.albritton just said to PM for those matters.

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This is not offensive in bold??