Adding Zigbee repeaters to existing Zigbee network

I am starting to approach the limit of 32 ZigBee devices in SmartThings. With the new Samsung leak sensors, buttons, contact sensors along with Sengled bulbs I now have 30 devices registered. The question I have is if I add say 4 of these devices:

strategically placed halfway between the SmartThings Hub and the edge ZigBee devices will the already registered devices use the hub or do I have to re-register them? I know that zwave I would normally have to run a network repair if I added a moved a lot of devices around but I haven’t seen much about of how ZigBee devices build or change their association peers in the network.

Found this video on how to get the Peanut working on SmartThings:

Your title says Z-Wave but it appears you are talking about Zigbee…

Z-Wave and Zigbee are two totally different protocols that are totally separate of one another. The ST Hub has both radios in it to communicate with both protocols.

Having said that, the Peanuts are Zigbee and yes they are repeaters. The power monitoring does not work without a special update that you will not be able to do without another Hub.

To reset the Zigbee network, you unplug the ST Hub and remove the batteries (depending on what model you have) and let it sit for about 15 minutes.

Good idea to have a nice balance of Zigbee and Z-Wave repeaters. From my experience, most devices that plug in or are hard-wired, work as repeaters.


Do you mean the ZIGBEE 32 device direct connection limit? Yiu sY ZWave yet all the devices you mentioned are zigbee.

There is no need or way to force a zigbee repair except for forcing a zigbee heal. You do this by removing connectivity from the parent for more that 20 minutes. The child devices then panic and start hunting for a new parent. You can force this by taking your hub offline (including removing the batteries of you have then installed) for about a half hour. Then plug it back in and wait a few minutes for the devices to come back.

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And if you’re in the US, the Lowes Iris 3210-l is both a Zigbee and ZWave repeater. It’s a bit of a pain to get both radios to join but well worth it.

Sorry corrected…ZigBee limitation…I was working 20 hours Saturday night and couldn’t sleep thus started finishing up some ZigBee closet door sensors for automated lighting Then I counted up my ZigBee devices in SmartThings and realized I am now at 30 devices on the network