How do I schedule anything? Dashboard is empty


I happily unpacked my Smartthings hub V2 and in 15 minutes I have a zwave bulbs and dimmers migrated over from my old Wink. They turn on and off, dim without any issue.

But how do I schedule them? I went through the iPhone app 5 times - there is nothing about scheduling. I google it - and I see screenshots and videos of something I don’t have - populated Dashboard!

Unfortunately my dashboard instead of device list has a blue circle with a house in the middle and text “Keep your home safe and sound with Smart Home Monitor”. I refreshed, restarted the app, reinstalled the app, restarted the hub… No luck.

How do I get the real dashboard?



Dashboard has been removed… The moment you delete the ‘solutions’ they are gone forever. You cannot get it back.

Sorry no more dashboard. They say ‘looking to bring it back’ but that was like a 6+ months ago.

Glad I still have all mine

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Thanks Kevin!

How do I automate anything with Smartthings? E.g how do I make an outdoor light to turn on at sunset and turn off at midnight? When I google it, all I see is “go to dashboard”.


You can do some rule building/sxheduling with the official smartapp smart lighting. Click the star in lower right then click on the smartapp tab. Smart lighting will be under smartthings recommends

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This should help ( this is a clickable link)

I use Routines for my schedules.


I have four routines set to trigger events on a schedule set to times.
Good Morning - turns on two lights, sets temp to 82 cool
Goodbye - turns off all lights, set temp to 85 cooling, motion turns on three lights
I’m Back- turns on one light, temp to 83 cooling
Sleep (I renamed it from Goodnight) - turns off all lights, temp to 80 cooling, motion turns on two lights

Thanks a lot for your replies. Smartthings might be lacking in app usability, but thats more than compensated by responsive and knowledgeable community.

I spent couple hrs on my new hub yesterday and was amazed by framework architecture and flexibility. With very little effort I got:

  1. Lights scheduled via official smartapp - thanks for help!
  2. My 5-year-old WiFi (no zwave) Radio Thermostats show up as fully functional devices, thanks to a custom device handler I found in these forums
  3. Another custom device handler - URI switch - made it a breeze to add my Raspberry-pi based Fujitsu mini-split AC control and even link it to the Radio Thermostat!

Next on todo list: Siri integration via Homebridge.

What didn’t work: i had big plans for double-tap actions on GE dimmers, however none work. I’ll be posting questions to appropriate category…