No current devices when logged into IDE

I am totally lost with apps, modifying and coding but been reading a lot. Want try my hand at modifying how a device works. Per my reading, logged into IDE but I don’t show any current devices or hub. I THINK per my reading I understood there could be an issue if Samsung accounts are messed up. When I started registration process I used my email address and created username. I fat fingered email address so it could not send link to complete registration. Started registration over using same email with new username am now registered. Could this be issue or when you start IDE first time you need to ADD hub and all devices? If so how. Don’t know how to find details it requests. Where do I go for help?

First, try logging in to IDE at If still not showing, check for multiple home locations.

Confused on this, the email address should be your userid/username

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Do I need to be home near the hub? I am at work and checking just now, I din’t Have anything listed under locations.

Are you logging in with the same Samsung account that you used to login on the SmartThings app on your mobile device?

I believe so. Can I log out of the app and log back in to confirm? Don’t see a logout in the app.

Which app? SmartThings classic or SmartThings (Samsung connect)?

I believe Samsung Connect. This is brand new. Bought after the Holidays.

Dashboard : 3 dots in upper right : settings : Samsung account : logout

That is what I had assumed but don’t see it. See screen shot from when I hit the 3 dots in top RH corner.

Select settings, then Samsung account

Also, when logging into IDE, did you select Samsung to login with?

I think you found the issue. With IPhone autofilling login password from saved I didn’t see they were different. I will correct when I have time later today and see how that works.

jkp. You are AWSOME!! The login ID differences was the issue. I can now see my devices in IDE. Cannot thank you enough for being patient with a novice.


Just be careful. The ST community forum has its own userid/password which is different from the ST app and IDE which use the email address/password.


Will do. Thanks again.