No Announcement? Device is offline...whole lot of complaints!

Woke up and checked phone this AM and ST is offline and decided to reset the hub and went to work. I was locked out of my house probably due to SM integration w/lock so first place I go to is the community forum to see whats up but no announcements. I then look at the “general” forums and see a whole lot of broken things. At least have some courtsey and own up to the mistake and let us know what is going on, possible ETA, etc. Reseting the hub to the default factory is not an option without not letting us have backups and should of been the first thing in your business plan to have. I would rather spend my time setting up another system in which has backups and start clean somewhere else as there are MANY competititors in the field now in which lets you control how you want your home run. The other option you continue to neglect is letting us choose what is hosted in the cloud vs local as I have internet and my environment is sound with backups except the ST hub and would be all local or option to revert to if can’t reach the all mighty cloud(someone else’s servers)!


And you’re not doing that, because… ?


I am not aware of ST providing this service? If so, why isn’t there an option in the app’s? Are there free third-party solutions?

I don’t think I would ever pay for additional services for this product in which it should be built-in and would just tack on the cost of the hub for service and would be waste full spending. Situations like these in which leave me open-minded on exploring the competitive market now and which support all of the iot’s are supported by majority of vendors. It would just be an additonal wasted service fee for backups?

There is no way to backup/restore SmartThings.

I thought you were considering moving to alternative competition platforms because of this shortfall.

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