Newbie intrested in ST setup - Concerns are they Valid or addressed

(Mark) #1

I wanted a Nest thermostat for some time but was scared off by many horror stories of required cloud integration and the issues this caused. IE- batteries running down on themostat when connection was down , or no ability to set or control the device with no portal. I have concerns about ST for the same reason. Turning over control to the cloud which may or may not be always accessible. Internet connectivity is not always guaranteed… what happens to important alerts if this is the case or if the portal is down or servers are in maintenance or being upgraded or if it just one day goes away… Am I just out of luck? I really am excited about this product and it looks like HUB 2.0 is a step to address some of this but I am not sure how much it will or to keep on waiting… How much will hub 2 remove cloud reliance from the picture? Also Can configurations of devices and setups be backed up or setup from a MAC or PC. I this seemed to be a serious concern and I don’t know if it was ever addressed. ST devices losing setup or configs and never being able to re-establish on network. I would like to setup door and motion sensors initially for security and maybe tie in some cameras. I also have a sump that would be nice to know if it runs or didn’t…

Hope this isn’t too much in one post but am on the edge with going for this…


(sidjohn1) #2

Just about all of your concerns are addressed here.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #3

No. And I agree that this is a concern to me.

It is possible to output debugging or trace output of your SmartApps and Devices, but no way to import.

So corruption of your SmartThings account or closing of the company would lose all your customised automation effort.