Nexx Garage Opener

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I have the Next NXG-200 Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller and have just added it to the SmartThings hub. When I open my garage from the SmartThings app, the app show that my garage is open — which is correct. However, if I’m opening the garage from the wall control, the SmartThings app still shows that my garage is closed. Is there a workaround for this or is this something I should be asking the Nexx support team?

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Nexx (and various other IP/WiFi device types are using the new “C2C Schema API” (Cloud-to-Cloud) interface for SmartThings.

When you use the Nexx App, for example, it connects to the Nexx Cloud, and that’s how you see the status of your Garage Door and can issue commands to it.

However, C2C Device Handlers are not “required” to send updates of their State Changes immediately (or ever?) to SmartThings. I’m not sure what the exact specifications and requirements are … because many C2C Device Handlers work fine (well… for a while some didn’t and now some do: e.g., TP-Link KASA).

Perhaps @Brad_ST or @jody.albritton are aware of the particulars of the Nexx Device Type Handler and if it perhaps has not been implemented with “state updates” (state messages back to SmartThings from the Nexx Cloud for physical activations); or if they did implement it, but perhaps it is a bug somewhere…?

Ultimately this question/request is best directed to Nexx.

They likely haven’t implemented a callback which likely would fix this discrepancy.

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Did you find a resolution for this issue? Having the same problem. Probably calling Nexx to talk about it tomorrow.

Unfortunately, I did not find a resolution to this issue. Please let me know what if you are able to find :slight_smile:

I am having the same problem. Deleted Nexx from SmartThings and it worked great for a few hours … then back to SmartThings not being responsive to the Nexx controller again. Any ideas??

Is anyone also not able to have smart things open the garage door? When I try and create a new automation in smart things, I’m only able to close the garage door…

Were you ever able to solve this? I’m having the same issue.

Haven’t found a solution yet. Smart things only gives me the option to close the garage door, not open.

I just submitted this ticket to Nexx:

Here is just the Nexx iOS app as I command an open and close:

My requests:
-Once the door is opening, change “CLOSED” to “OPENING” until changing to “OPENED”
-Allow user to set a timeout in the app that doesn’t change “OPENING” to “OPENED” until after that time of the contact sensor still does not detect a closed state. I would set it to the time it nominally takes for a complete open/close cycle.
-Don’t change the icon to green with the closed icon when close is initially commanded. Similarly, don’t change it to green until the contact sensor actually senses it’s closed.
-Once the door is closing, change “OPENED” to “CLOSING” until changing to “CLOSED” when the contact sensor detects a closed state.

Note-The few seconds of red “OPENED” status at the end is because I have to manually override the opener in the morning when the sun shines on the IR sensors.

Here are the same actions in SmartThings:

My requests:
-Don’t change to “OPEN” so fast (currently 2-3 seconds). Similar to above, this should be a setting for the user based on typical open or complete open/close timing. I just checked mine and that would be 14 and 26 seconds, respectively.
-Don’t change to “CLOSED” so fast (currently 1-2 seconds). “CLOSED” should only be indicated when the contact sensor is actually closed.

Note-The additional open/close cycle at the end just further highlights the inaccuracy the implementation. A full open/close cycle appears to take only 5 seconds!

I hope this helps Nexx developers correct the iOS app and SmartThings integration.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Any updates on this issue