Next few weeks might be interesting

So, i talked with Oso Tech about the plantlink today. Seems they are about to release the integration into smartthings. Oso said it should be ready for the beginning of this week.

Also saw this in the IDE today :smile:

Also, saw SquareHub is now in the labs section of the smartapp…

New smartthings labs integrations coming soon?

This is the reason smartthings wins over all the other platforms!!!

Excited to see what else smartthings has up their sleves!

Keen eye, Tim! The Netatmo stuff is coming soon. The SquareHub stuff is already there:


We are working on a lot, certainly, but what “we” can do will soon be dwarfed by what the folks here and in the greater community produce. THAT is what I am excited for.

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I agree Ben! People like Twack and Dianoga are awesome!

I am super excited about the chance for 3rd party devs to submit code to you guys now… that is where the explosion happens. :smile:

Its cool to that everyone has their part too. Like twack and Dianoga are expert device type writers and have brought some awesome 3rd part stuff in!!!

Then people on the forum are also good at writing some smart apps and help to make the devices that the “Core Team” brings in even better!

SmartThings has the right idea to stay open. Open helps everyone… i would of never bought 4 drop cams if it wasn’t for smartthings… i would of never bought 7 hue lights if it wasn’t for smartthings.

Maybe one day other companies will see that :smile:


:blush: Thanks!

Nothing like some peer recognition to make us proud of what we can do together!



Any updates on the Quirky device support? Thanks!

Been waiting for this for a few weeks now and can’t wait to try out the PlantLinks I have.


Any news on plant link? Waiting on integration to pull the trigger to save money on the base

We have a device type and service manager that has been submitted and in review for publishing. Just a few minor things to work out and we can release it.

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Great news!! Can’t wait!

This means we will not need the Plantlink base unit, only the sensors themselves?

That is correct, @pdudley

I am very excited about this! Having to have a text message sent from PlantLink to my IFTTT to ST has been a very non-convenient project :smile:

What going on with PlantLink and ST? any update been a few weeks and nothing??

I ordered a few plant link probes without the base- hope this integration happens soon…

I’ve got it working at my house. Just a few issues with tile display to work thru.

Is this all hashed out now? I order one based on this thread and just got a tracking number and would like to get this PlantLink to work with ST when it arrives.


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In the meantime while searching for any new news on integration, I did find the Oso SmartThings github repository with complex device type and smartapp in the works.

I will work hard to get this out this week. The one you linked to is a bit dated and doesn’t include a service manager.


Thanks Ben! Thanks…