Nexia One Touch

Has anyone seen this thing yet? Looks to be about $90 … Thoughts?

“The first of its kind to the smart home market, the Nexia One Touch! Allows for a single tap of a button to control up to 15 customizable automations and modes. Now you actually don’t have to carry your smartphone on you at all times… we know we’re all guilty of that!
Available only to subscribers now through 9/30 during this introductory launch. Login to your Nexia account at to buy today!”

I just got pinged on creating a device handler for this. I’d be happy to pick one up and start work on it. Is there any additional interest or has anyone else started on a DH for it?

I went ahead and created an initial device handler for this. It’s nothing fancy at this stage, and simply maps the available 15 buttons on the One Touch as momentary buttons and associates them with the SmartThings hub. Both push and held states are supported for the buttons. I did not attempt to map the buttons as toggle or temperature controls.

I’ve posted a few device images and a quick mini-evaluation of the device here.

For some reason, the buttons don’t always work immediately after pairing, but in my testing, if you go back into the Z-Wave menu on the One Touch after pairing, this resolves the issue. This only needs to be done once.

Unfortunately, I was not able to get the device handler to change the button names on the controller itself. The One Touch appears to use the Z-Wave Screen Metadata Report, but from what I can find in the SmartThings Z-Wave Reference page, the current API appears to be a bit limited. Is there more to the API that I am missing, or does anyone have experience with setting device display fields and attributes using screen metadata?

It’s actually not a bad little device, but its $99 price tag might be more than a little questionable, especially when compared to running SmartTiles on a cheap Fire. It would have a bit more utility than standard button controller if I could get the button naming to work. Hopefully, this will at least be useful for those that have one of these controllers on hand after migrating over from Nexia


I have minor updates available to the One Touch device handler that adds the "numberOfButtons"
attribute so that the new CoRE rules engine can automatically identify the correct number of 15 available buttons for this device. The device handler repository location remains the same as before.

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Anyone using this cares about sharing the hands on experience? I’d like to get one…

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I’ve updated the Nexia One Touch device handler at the link above to include the code updates from @Tiejaeger that sets the button labels on the device. Fantastic work @Tiejaeger in figuring out the Screen Metadata command.

To set the device labels that you’ve defined in the mobile app preferences, ensure that the Nexia controller is awake, and then apply by pressing the mobile UI configure button for the One Touch. The labels don’t appear to get set correctly every time in my testing, so if there is an issue, you may need to hit configure again.

I’ll continue to do more testing, but regardless, this update to add button labels makes the device so much more valuable for SmartThings users, I wanted to get this out ASAP. Thanks @Tiejaeger! Great work.

My thought is you can buy two Amazon Fire 7" tablets (or even three, on Black Friday sale) for the price of this thing. :smiley:

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Price is high, true, but it’s an easy, clean, setup being battery operated.

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I got an email from Nexia (I used to use that before SmartThings) and they have this item on sale for $20 off until 2/7 but when I click on the link it wants me to log into my Neixa account. And when I do it wants me to enter a $9.99 credit card. So even if I could get at the $20 discount code I’d have to pay $10 to get to it. Grr. I wonder if it’s a custom code per individual or an item code that’s good through the 7th though.

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Good morning,

I am fairly new to installing smartapp code. I am following instructions I printed out form this site to copy the code, past the code and then selecting (publish) create but I am receiving an error message. What am I doing incorrectly? thanks for any advice!

No signature of method: script1487180024646915374837.metadata() is applicable for argument types: (script1487180024646915374837$_run_closure1) values: [script1487180024646915374837$_run_closure1@39e80674] Possible solutions: getMetadata(), getState(), setState(java.lang.Object), metaClass(groovy.lang.Closure)


If it’s a device handler, make sure you are pasting it in the Device Handler tab, not SmartApps.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you! Something so simple! I appreciate your assistance!


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I had it one month and I would say the experience is meh. It runs through fresh pair of AAA batteries in 1 month. The response time is slow compared to other controllers. Sometimes presses do not register w/ ST. Lack of status make it difficult to use for toggles. No word wrapping and garbled text makes labeling a tedious task.



if i managed to get hold of one of these, would it work in the UK?



I wound’t know but do not recommend it regardless. Second set of batteries exhausted within a week. I pretty much gave up on it

It’s a zwave device. The Z wave frequencies for the US hub and UK hubs are different and the device must match the hub’s frequency exactly. So if you have a UK SmartThings hub, the Nexia will not work with it.

Remotec makes a nice eight button battery powered controller which is available on both the US and UK frequency. I know Vesternet carries it. So that might be a good UK alternative.

There are some other options, as well. They are all listed in the buttons FAQ and each entry is marked as being for the US, the UK, or both. So you might take a look at that. :sunglasses:

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Darwin, I am a first time user here. I read your review and I really wanted this so I gave it a shot. I called smartthings Customer service to get me through putting in the code to make this work. I got that far but I am having some issues finishing the set up as Smartthings CS could only get me so far as this isn’t exactly supported. After I have it paired in the app I am labeling buttons but ontly button 1, 2, and 5 have found their way onto the nexia control device…not sure why. Also, I can’t figure out how to actually pair the buttons with smartthings actions, routines, devices, etc. What guidance can you give a newbie? - GeremieG

@GeremieG, I haven’t fully tested @Tiejaeger’s updates to allow changing of the device labels, but I did notice that sometimes I had to wake up the One Touch device and then hit configure again on the mobile app to get the label to update correctly. As far as controlling automations with the One Touch, for simple controls, you can use the Smart Lighting smart app or set up a Routine (both available from the mobile app Automation tab) by using the One Touch button pushed/held as a trigger. For anything more complex, you might want to look at using a custom code smart app such as CoRE, WebCoRE, or the Advanced Button Controller.

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