Nexia Doorbell Sensor for monitoring thermostat activity


I have purchased a Nexia Doorbell Sensor and am working to integrate it with my existing thermostat, which runs on 24VAC.

It is a connected thermostat, but not a WiFi thermostat… but it is the best one for my heating system (long story).

My goal is to have the sensor activate when the circuit is closed (thermostat on) and deactivate when the circuit is open (thermostat off), thus giving me a realtime indicator of my boiler’s runtime.

The thermostat has a C wire, so there’s power. What I can’t exactly figure out is which two wires I should connect the Nexia to.

Attached is a photo of my thermostat wiring.

Red and white are the power for the thermostat. (C-Wire)

Green comes from the boiler, and Blue goes back to the boiler (thermostat circuit)

I’m using the Device Handler found on these forums.

I’ve tried several different device types… they either read as constant-on or constant-off (regardless of thermostat state).

I’m open to any thoughts and suggestions.

Thank you!

Depending on the Device