News you likely missed - patent infringement suit filed by Skybell against Ring

If this is true, then good for them. I have a Skybell and love it. Much better deal than Ring in my opinion.

Ring has also been caught with their doorbells sending audio data to Chinese IP addresses and played it off as if they didn’t know.

Sucks to be ring.

I think they just settled this lawsuit filed by ADT a couple months back.

A few months ago, I was ready to go “all in” with Ring. I upgraded my original Doorbell to the Doorbell 2 and bought 2 floodlight cameras during a Black Friday sale at Costco which included a year free of their cloud. I was going to ditch Simplisafe for their alarm until the lawsuit put a hold on it and have since moved to Abode.(So far, it’s great!).

The legal issues combined with the spotty hardware and software issues I’ve had with Ring has me holding off on going further into their ecosystem. I don’t know how they are going to sustain such low prices ($100 a year for cloud video AND professional monitoring) with all the legal troubles and platform issues…

Just got around to start reading this. Their lawyers have a flair for the dramatic:

This lawsuit is the tale of two companies in the emerging video doorbell market.


Just a word about the Skybell ADC-VDB105 Slim Line doorbell camera that Telus sells for $160.00 cad. The camera works OK but the sensitivity settings aren’t great as the lowest setting still picks up vehicles 60 feet away. But the real frustrating thing is the door bell part stops working in temperatures below -25C. Telus knows this and their response is “It will work when it warms up so put up with the poor equipment until then”. Here is the specification from the Skybell documentation, Temperature range: -40°C to 60°C / -40° ~ 140° F. Don’t believe everything you read as this is incorrect. So if you live where it gets below -25C don’t waste your money and stick with your $12.00 door bell that works in any weather.