Newbie trying to do a boolean AND

I want to do something the basic routines can do (set state to “Home” when “somebody’s presence sensor arrives” or set state to “Home” when “Front Door” becomes “Open”), but I want to do the same thing with a boolean AND:

Set state to “Home” when: state is “Away” AND “somebody’s phone is on the WiFi” AND “Front Door” is opened

What’s the simplest way to do this? (I really don’t want to dive into CoRE right now; but I am a programmer, so installing/slightly modifying SmartApps ain’t scary.)

If you have an ios device have a look at an app called Smartrules - this might do what you want without writing your own smartapp


If you have an iOS device you may consider SmartRules
This is a simple app and interface to set up rules.

For more complicated stuff I suggest you actually look into WebCore (Core is the older version of the app). You do not have to write code to set up most rules in WebCore. Most can be done via drop-downs.