Motion tied to a switch with "and" logic

Here’s the setup… I’m in the den waiting for someone to arrive and I want to temporarily use my motion sensor to let me know when they show up.

My plan was to define a virtual switch, (arrival switch), tell Alexa to turn on arrival switch and use the front porch motion sensor to notify me with sound wnen someone arrives AND only do this if the virtual arrival switch is on. On my way out of the house I would set my alarm with a routine that always turn off the arrival switch (or I could just have Alexa do it).

I’m sure it can be done wit CORE, but so far I’ve manage to stay away from that. Also, it may be possible with some type of temporary mode switch, but I think that could get messy with my other routines.

Basically I haven’t found a routine that has the necessary “AND” logic…any ideas?

Seems pretty simple…am I overlooking something?

Thanks for your time

The official features only allow for a “stacked conditional”, that is if A and B, for three situations:

One) a mode and a device report

Two) a smart home monitor armed status and a device report

Three) in some cases, a Geopresence event, like someone arriving home, and a Device report.

In contrast, web core will let you set up pretty much any stacked conditional you want in all kinds of combinations.

Or, if you have an iPhone, the third-party smart rules app has a really simple graphical interface that let you stack two things for a “do while” set up.

Smartrules is Quick to set up, easy to use, but costs about $10 and is only available for iOS.

Web core is free and very powerful, but quite complicated to set up and use, although there are many community members will be glad to help you if you get stuck.

So it just depends on what your own needs are. You might be able to use the official features by relying on a special mode like “guest expected,” but a lot of people find they end up having to multiply that across multiple conditions, such as “guest expected daytime”, “guest expected night time’” etc., and maintenance overtime can get confusing.

So to answer the question you asked, I think you can just do it with a mode. But to answer the bigger question, I would go ahead and look at either smartrules or web core, whichever you think would suit you better. :sunglasses:

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Thanks for the reply JD.

This may be another topic, but out of those 3 options which do you, ( or members), see as more reliable.

Not trying to stir things up among “friends”, but we all bust SmartThings on realibility, so how does the community software realibility rate?