Routine's additional logic?

Are the additional settings in a routine “and” or “or” like if I select "some arrives " and also select “after sunset” do both conditions have to be met or just one.

This is strange because I was not home today and my routine fired at sunset even though I have someone arrives set too.

Can you post screenshots of the full routine?

Really simple . I can only do one image since I am new. The order is reversed. Sorry

See your 2nd screenshot. It clearly says perform I’m back when one of the triggers is true.

I’m in agreement with JD. Your going to need a rules engine like core to set up your if/and kind of logic.

I have never used CORE. It’s very powerful from what I have read but not intuitive for new users. There is help available from users on the forum.

There is an alternative app called SmartRules. It’s quite intuitive and free to set up one rule. If you want unlimited rules the app costs $10. I have used this and can tell you the creator is very supportive and helpful.


Yep, the “when one is true” makes it an or condition.

I’m going to delete my answer above, because routines have changed since they were first introduced, and I just got it wrong. My bad. :disappointed_relieved:

Now some of the conditions are ands and some are or’s.

It looks like at the present time (December 2016) all of the “triggers” are or’s. I don’t see any way to change that.

( if there is one, can somebody post it?)

But the mode restrictions (such as don’t run in this mode) are ands. That is, they always apply no matter what else you have set.

Sorry for any confusion, it can be hard to keep up with all this stuff. :sunglasses:

An even more complex, but very powerful and very popular, alternative is core. It will let you set up ands and or’s exactly the way you want them.

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No problem. I was pretty sure it was “or” based out what happened yesterday but wanted confirmation. Thanks for everyone’s help

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