Newbie saying Hello

Hello All,

I just joined up and also just purchased the Control your Home Kit about 10 minutes ago from the online store. Been wanting to automate my home for years, and saw this as an opportunity to give it a try. I also have a Filtrete Wireless Thermostat controller I bought a couple years ago at HD and never installed it. I am hoping to use this with the new purchase.

I also just wanted to chime in as a noob as well.


@mpdano welcome!

Welcome to the group @mpdano! Let us know if you need any help when you’re setting up your things. The support people at SmartThings are excellent but sometimes us users can be even more excellent-er, if not the excellent-est. :grin:


Welcome aboard, @mpdano!

Welcome Leo! You look familiar from Facebook…LOL

Welcome. Just wanted to chime in and let you know my experience with the Filtrete thermostat. I also have that one and purchased a Z-Wave usnap module for it. I’ve run into a lot of issues with it that go away as soon as I pull that Z-wave module out. For the time being, I don’t have it connected to SmartThings at all…waiting on local lan access to control it that way since I have no issues with the Wifi on it. Let me know if you have any questions!


Thanks for the kind welcome all. Jeff, that is good to know.


Hi, I just got my new hub and connected it to Jasco light switch. I got to admit, that it was a lot easier than MCV

Woohooo, Another convert :grinning: