Temporary Door Notification - Toddler alarm?

Hey everyone,

Looking at getting back into SmartThings now that it’s more evolved. Is there anyway to setup a door sensor to alert me (but only when I turn it on)? I know I can setup an alert but it seems permanent and that’s not desired.

Use case:

Putting a toddler down for a nap and wanting to know if they get up and open the door. I wouldn’t want this door alarm to go off every time the door is open, just when they are awake.

Create a virtual switch. Use webcore. Turn the virtual switch on when you want to be notified that the door was open.

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This is one thing that really bugs me about Smartthings and I would have thought it be an obvious feature.

If I have a routine set up, I can not just simply turn it off without deleting it. Why have they not added this in yet? Some routines are pretty complicated and take some time to configure. If I need to disable it for any reason I have to delete it and then recreate the whole thing later when I want it back.

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This app was designed keeping this use case in mind. As pointed out above create a virtual presence sensor which you can turn on and off when you want the app to monitor your baby’s room.