Viewing device handler code of a current device?

So I have Bali’s smart blinds setup and it works find with Samsung’s SmartThings hub. However, I’d like to setup an IFTTT recipe so that I can use voice control to open/close the blinds (at least). I know I won’t be able to do varying levels since ST doesn’t allow custom IFTTT actions and currently, the only actions are on/off.

But I’d at least like to write a custom device handler to open/close. The problem is I’m not exactly familiar with how to communicate with the device. I’d like to take a peek at its current code to understand what commands it can take and how to call them.

Is there a way to view the device handler code of a current device?

If the device is a commercial partner integration the source is closed and there is no way to view the code

You should be able to set up a automation using a virtual switch to open and close your blinds. That is what I do with my Leviosa blinds. Its a bit of a task but not too bad. I created one open and close switch for each blind. Then I created automations in the new app that when I turn on the on switch or turn off the off switch the blind opens or closes. I used two switches per blind because I wanted to have the blind go up or down only when the switch changed from on to off or vice versa. The leviosa blinds have set points. We have set two on each shade, so a open moves the shade up to the first set point and another open moves it up to the next, and down is the same.

I then created Alexa routines for opening or raising. If I tell Alexa to raise the shade it toggles the open virtual switch once. If I tell Alexa to open the shade it sends the command twice.

I also created routines to open or close all the shades. I created an open and close all shade switch, I do that with webcore, however.