Newbie here - GE12722 Switch question

(TonyM) #1

Hello everyone.

I just set up my hub this weekend and successfully connected 2 GE Link bulbs. Baby steps, ya know?

I hope someone can answer a question. My next step would be to set up the below scenario:

I would like the bathroom lights to come on when someone enters the bathroom and turn off when they leave. I was looking at the GE12722 Z-Wave switch and was curious if this has a built in motion sensor. I don’t see it mentioned in the specs at all so I am assuming it doesn’t. I am also assuming that I would have to purchase a motion sensor to accomplish my goal.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


(Bruce) #2

You are correct, you will need to purchase a motion sensor. Recently PEQ motion sensors were on sale at BestBuy, and those are the same as SmartThings SmartSense Motion. There are built-in apps that allow you to set up the lights as you describe, called “Turn on when there is motion”.


As @bravenel said, you’ll need a motion sensor. Get a couple PEQ’s before the sale ends! I got quite a few online from Best Buy and do exactly what you describe for all my bathrooms and kids rooms.

(TonyM) #4

Are these motion sensors battery powered or need to be hard wired?

(Bruce) #5

Battery powered. Long life, no problem.

(Chad) #6

The PEQ’s at best buy are mod 3305-P and the Smartthings mod is 3305-S any idea how these differ?


The -P vs the -S and the plastic enclosure is slightly different. The PEQ devices will pair in our app as SmartSense devices.