Newbie Fundatmental Question - Device Handler/events/simulator

Hi there

I am a newbie to ST but not new to software development, but i have a few fundamental questions as I am going round and round in the documentation.

I have a cloud to cloud device in Smartthings. I wanted to try and write a Device Handler to have a play about and see what events are coming in. With my device handler I can sendevents to open and close the door.

But , i attached the device handler in the simulator to the actual device and i get no debug logs showing in the live log. Also i cant seem to get any event responses to display (even though the events are showing in the device list , e.g. and door.closed.

How can setup a simple device manager to display incoming and outgoing cloud to cloud messages. I tried the template from samsung, but I think i am doing something fundamentally wrong, i see no traffic. is this the correct approach with the simulator (in device handler, attaching it to a real device)?



Where is your code?

I also am a newbie here, but you probably would need a handler that parses the events and logs everything.

If you know which attributes or commands to listen, you may also create a smartapp and subscribe to them.

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