Newbie Fundatmental Question - Device Handler/events/simulator

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I am a newbie to ST but not new to software development, but i have a few fundamental questions as I am going round and round in the documentation.

I have a cloud to cloud device in Smartthings. I wanted to try and write a Device Handler to have a play about and see what events are coming in. With my device handler I can sendevents to open and close the door.

But , i attached the device handler in the simulator to the actual device and i get no debug logs showing in the live log. Also i cant seem to get any event responses to display (even though the events are showing in the device list , e.g. and door.closed.

How can setup a simple device manager to display incoming and outgoing cloud to cloud messages. I tried the template from samsung, but I think i am doing something fundamentally wrong, i see no traffic. is this the correct approach with the simulator (in device handler, attaching it to a real device)?



Where is your code?

I also am a newbie here, but you probably would need a handler that parses the events and logs everything.

If you know which attributes or commands to listen, you may also create a smartapp and subscribe to them.

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The documentation for writing device handlers is referred as SmartThings Classic Documentation, but there does not seem to be equivalent detailed documentation in the new Developer Portal.

Is this documentation up to date and does it describe how to develop a device handler for the new app UI? A long, long time ago I wrote a device handler which runs in the cloud and does not seem to properly support the new app UI. Are there any references which discuss the requirements to create a device handler which runs locally and support the new UI?