Cloud connected device with device handler and service manager

Hi, I have a question on writing cloud connected service manager and device type handler.

I have a thing that is connected through cloud and the thing will keep send datas. I will get datas from cloud by the user’s request or by some rules then I will display gathered data on device type handler. This is what I am going to do and there is one problem popping up in my mind. How can I have device type handler if I don’t have any device to connect.

As I said in the above, my only device will be connected through cloud and service manager will talk with the cloud. As I know the device type handler are used to handle devices, and sends event or command to service manager. In my case I won’t be having any device to handle. I will use device handler to display tiles on the app.

Thanks in advance!!

There are plenty of virtual devices that don’t connect to any physical devices, such as the weather tile.

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