Newbee need some instructions for pairing Xioami sensors

I’ve recently purchased a Samsung Smartthings Hub V3. Since before I have a number of temperature sensors from Xiaomi ( )

Can anyone help me with detailed instructions how to pair with Smartthings hub ??? I am a completly newbee on this.

I am totally new too so take this for what its worth. Go into the app, add device, select manufacturer and then select the device. The hub should search and hopefully find the devices

That method will work for devices which have an official integration. The Xioami devices are very popular in the community, but do not have an official integration, so unfortunately you can’t just do an app search for them.

Xioami devices will require custom code and a rather fiddly install process. See the FAQ:

FAQ: Help! New to smartThings: will Xioami/Aqara sensors work?

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Hi, thanks. I installed the Xiamo driver.

Another nerdy question.
I am using the new Smartthings app on Android. When trying to pair, I cant see any options to pair Xiamo devices. Where should I look ??

One more step …
Can anyone tell mig how to find the “Device Network Id” ??
When I press “Skapa” (Swedish for create" I get a request for value on this field (Fyll i det här fältet)