Xiaomi sensor paired but not working

Hi all I did successfully add the xiaomi sensor by using the bspranger handler.
Right now I can see from home hub events that if the sensor is triggered, there will be “value” on/off:1. Source is “hub”.
But the app is not showing anything at all when the sensor is triggered.
I have some screenshots.
sorry can only upload one image as a newbie

Try the Xiaomi and the aqara. I use the Xiaomi for my aqara

Which sensor and which device handler you are using?

Based on your screenshot, you are using the new Samsung SmartThings Connect mobile app.

Currently, the new mobile app does not officially support devices that use custom device handlers (DTHs) which includes all Xioami / Aqara devices.

You should try using the older SmartThings Classic mobile app.

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