NewB wanting to dive into the home automation pool...HELP

I have so many questions and not sure where to start with all this. Just moved in to a new 3500 sq ft house and want to take the plunge into home automation. I had the smart lock on my front door and a honeywell thermostat that I could control with my phone in my old home, but really want to ramp it up now. I have the pixel 2 xl phone, a google home and google mini, a chamberlain my-q garage door opener already there, and have just purchased the nest 3rd gen thermostat. I am wanting to add the front door lock, smart lights, and security cameras, but want to have numerous apps and long line of hubs if I don’t need them. My router is old and definitely needs upgraded (it won’t cover the whole house), unless I get a hub/router combo with some part of this equation. The ST option looks good, but do I still need the hub that goes with the garage door, or the one with the Philips HUE lights? I don’t want to waste money on HUBs if I don’t need them, but if I need them then I need them. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

you still want to keep your Hue hub. getting rid of the myq hub could be done depend on the make and model of your garage opener.

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First, just to be sure, you’re in the US, right? Not UK? The device selection does vary somewhat. :sunglasses:

Yes, the US

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You can integrate your myq garage door to smartthings right now with nothing additional other than what you have now, though a sensor is recommended so smartthings can check status.

Arlo Q cameras are natively supported as well, with no hub required.