New Zwave Plus PIR for SmartThings Motion sensor on Amazon for less than $30

Meet the new wall motion sensor, beautiful design and easy to setup

Just a white labeled Chinese import…

For example, here’s the same one in a package deal with 2 contact sensors, but quite a delivery delay, so thanks for being a US supplier!

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I notice the site does not use the official Z-Wave logo, and the product is not listed on the Zwave Alliance Products site. Is this certified? And if so, where is the conformance statement?

It looks like this is the same case as the KPL motion sensor. Is it the same device?


Same model number according to B-Sense documentation:

Nothing wrong with the bulk-import industry. $1-$5 FOB China:

Yes you did your homework, well done. Yes, we work with KPL manufacturer we bring the sensors to USA change the batteries for new US Alkaline batteries and make the quality control, we have developed the SmartThing Handler, manuals, videos and tried to offer the best customer support that we can do.


That particular link is to a model on the EU Zwave frequency. ( which is also the Chinese Z wave frequency.) or on 433. In either case, It won’t work with the US SmartThings hub.

The link in the first post of this thread is to a model on the US zwave frequency. :sunglasses:


The BeSense Sensor are US version Only.


OK… this one perhaps :imp:

Thank you for you suggest, we update the web page with the z-wave Alliance, and z-wave Plus logos, thanks.

Adding the z-wave logos to the product website doesn’t exactly address these legitimate concerns.

They already said, it’s a rebranded KPL device. The KPL device is certified.

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I see, missed that.

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