New Zooz ZEN20 Device Type published

If you want to see the Child Devices as separate, independent, devices, you simply need to make a minor change to the Parent Device Handler.

In the following function, set the isComponent: true to false as shown below. Save and publish the DH. Then, delete your current device and re-add it. The new Parent Device Handler will then create independent Child devices which can be renamed and placed into rooms as you see fit. Be careful though: This also gives you the option to manually delete each child device with not way to re-create it except by deleting the parent and starting over again.

private void createChildDevices() {
	state.oldLabel = device.label
	for (i in 1..5) {
		addChildDevice("Zooz Power Strip Outlet", "${device.deviceNetworkId}-ep${i}", null,
				[completedSetup: true, label: "${device.displayName} (CH${i})",
				 isComponent: false, componentName: "ch$i", componentLabel: "Channel $i"])

Thanks Dan,

Another word of caution about setting up the Child Outlet Devices as independents… Relabeling the Parent Strip Device ended up resetting all the Child Devices back to their original labels. (Actually, it renamed them based on the new Parent Label.) So I would recommend relabeling the Power Strip Device BEFORE customizing the independent Outlet labels.

Was the composite DT ever released for the Aeon SmartStrip? I’m wanting to buy one for my aquarium.

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Have we got any Info on this working for the aeon strip?

Has anyone confirmed if this runs locally?

It shows up as “cloud” on my IDE