New ZigBee Device to control Chicken Coop Door

In an attempt to understand the SmartThings IDE I’m trying to create a new device type to control one of my ZigBee On/Off devices. I have the device working based on the sample “Zigbee Valve” device type. From the simulator I can control the on and off just fine of the device. I see the packets come out of the hub to my device and it reacts just as expected.

I’m now trying to read the switch’s 0x0000 attribute and things are not working. My on/off device receives the read attribute command and responds to it but I don’t see anything in the Console window of the IDE. I have also noticed that not all log.debug messages appear in the console window. Is this normal is it possible Im getting a result but for some reason the console window inst showing it? Is this the correct place for these types of questions?

I have noticed some other strange ZigBee behavior from the hub and would enjoy talking with someone about it. Maybe it would be best to post them as another Topic.

Thanks in advance for any advice on the IDE!!

I solved the Console window not showing all ZigBee traffic by closing out the IDE. You need to completely leave the My Device Types section and return to it and restart your app. I