New Zemismart push switch Zigbee 3.0

Purchased this Zemismart switch which the page described as " Zemismart New Design Zigbee 3.0 Wall Push Light Switch SmartThings Control US AU Physical Switches" But unable to make SmartThings see it. Does anyone have tried this and success? I have a feeling that it is WiFi switch not Zigbee.

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They make a separate Wi-Fi model using the same outer case, so maybe you were just shipped the wrong one.


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Hope it is the case you said. Waiting for their reply mail…


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Not even as a Thing?

Have you tried the official DH?

And what if you try to search for wifi with your phone or use the SmartLife app, as that should be a Tuya switch, if I remember correctly.

What it says on the back does it has b/g/n marking there?

Not even a Thing on both old and new SmartThings app. The DH has already loaded and published. Haven’t try discover on WiFi yet. I think they send the wrong one since both Zigbee and WiFi listing has the same product number KS-811.

That must be a wifi one. That 802.11 b/g/n is definitely wifi. Try the SmartLife app an it will pair. But not with SmartThings…


I have two of these installed - the zigbee version and they work fine in smartthings

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@romant did you have trouble getting switch 2 and 3 to work? switch 1 works fine but the child devices won’t work.

I have those switches and they work seamlessly in my house. 1 gang, 2 gang and 3 gang.

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I can get 1 gang out of the two to work. How did U get the other gangs to work?

I used a Device Handler then moved to an Edge Driver by @Mariano_Colmenarejo

Link: [Beta] Zigbee Edge Driver compatible with Lidl, Ecosmart, Osram, SmartThings & Others

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