New Z-Wave Plus GE products (14 series)

If I already have a house full of the 12 series dimmers/switches/outlets, is there any big reason to upgrade? I don’t have range issues, but I’m wondering if I might see communication speed up.

There are already several threads on these devices, so you might check those. But the short answer is that these are zwave plus, so you get the benefits of zwave plus, which for this device class is primarily longer range and better pairing in place.

Some early reports said that some of the switches would support double tap in the switch firmware, but I haven’t seen that confirmed yet.

What do you mean “better pairing”? Just the initial device discovery process? (inclusion/exclusion)

Yes, it should allow you to pair the device in place even if it’s a couple of hops away from the hub. That’s a big advantage over Z wave classic, particularly for mains- powered devices like light switches.

It’s not a reason in and of itself to buy this device, but it does mean that if it sometime in the future you need to exclude the device and add it to the network again it would be a lot easier the second time around then with the older generation.

Ah, okay. I’ve read through a bunch of threads and I think I’ll probably wait for something “post-Plus”. Out of my ~20 wired switches, I’ve only had trouble pairing one of them. It doesn’t look like upgrading them will yield a huge change for me.

I probably won’t upgrade my switches until we see a giant leap in latency response times. There shouldn’t be any perceivable delay between pressing the switch and seeing the result.

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