12XXX vs 14XXX GE switches - Will the 12 series be better for delays?


I’m sure I will get used to the .75 second to one second delay from using a smart switch, but I would rather not.

My understanding is that the 14 series switches allow a double tap to be used/ programed (ie WebCor piston event for a double tap, maybe set a scene in my living room for “Movie Time”).

I don’t care for the delay of the switch verifying that there is no second tap though. Is there a way to disable this? I have not found anything ‘helpful’ through searching when it comes to disabling it.
I am not worried about total device capacity in my home or range. My home is 1200 sqft on the main finished level, and the same in the basement. I will have less than 50 total devices using ZWave, so ZWave plus isn’t necessary.

Will the 12 series switches eliminate the delay all together, or just shorten it? Currently a 14294 switch I purchased to test with has just over a 0.750 second delay for both the on and off function, no features configured on it (Right now it’s just on SmartThings with an Alexa integration via the SmartThings hub).

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I have both in my home. I cannot tell the difference. Technically, yes there is a small delay, practically you can’t ‘feel’ it because when the 14xxx may have a delay to account for the DTH, the 12xxx are just generally slower devices. (remember the 14xxx series are ZWave Plus, newer processors, etc)

Basically, this all means that I have to have a list of what I installed in what room to even tell the difference.


Thanks for the feedback - I noticed someone mentioned that the 14x had the instant status feature on another forum, but no other mentions anywhere else. Can anyone confirm this?

I may look at Lutron before spending $800+ on switches, but that means I have to order one and play with it as well!


The delay comes when it is activated via your hub. I have a GE switch and there is a noticeable delay…but part of that is also the discount LED bulbs I have in that room. Even with a regular light switch they take a second to turn on. So, faster LEDs with no ramp-up will definitely help. But I find that with the GE when i press on, they come on. No noticeable difference from other switches. The only delay is when it’s controlled by the hub.


Interesting. I will check out some more bulbs.
I had no added the switch to the hub yet and still had almost a one second delay when pressing the button. Now that it is paired onto the ZWave network, it is not any faster or slower (that I know of/ can tell).
Currently my test board is using a Phillips 60W equivalent LED bulb - 2700k that I just picked up from Home Depot over the weekend. I also grabbed a pack of ecosmart bulbs (I wanted to see which would dim to the lowest level) the Phillips bulb was significantly more expensive than a pack of ecosmart bulbs (which I haven’t even tried yet).

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Also note that if you’re testing dimmers, check for ‘buzz.’ I’ve only found a handful of dimmable LED bulbs that don’t buzz when you dim them. (Hint: it’s not the cheap ones…) Apparently, dimmable does not equal silent. :slight_smile:


Very true. Another reason why the GE are so popular. I have no appreciable buzz even with the cheap bulbs.