GE ZWAVE Plus Switches

Is there any benefit to change out existing GE Zwave switches to the plus ones just released? I have allot and need to see if its worth it or not based one some great people in this forum.

Question to ask if what if any issues are you having? What makes you ask the question?

No I am not having any issues just heard they are more energy efficient. Not sure how much though to make a good cost analyses and better communication. I have a robust Zwave mesh having about 30 switches already that are the regular Zwave.

I’ll see if anyone else can comment on the energy efficiency aspect.

I’d be working out what I could buy instead of spending cash on 30 new switches that possibly don’t need changing? Just a thought. Sounds expensive!

If everything you have is working fine, there’s no reason to change them.

The primary benefits to Z wave plus are longer range, somewhat easier pairing in place, and better battery life. I doubt if you’d notice much energy savings just for a mains powered switch of the new generation, certainly not enough to justify the cost.

I’d stick with the switches you have and then when you need a replacement, use the zwave plus model.

If you’ve got extra money in your home automation budget, the following might be of interest. :sunglasses:

If you don’t have extra money in your home automation budget and you’re considering swapping out all your existing switches for a newer model, then you might check the following thread instead: :wink:


Thanks JD! What I was thinking. In the 6 months I had only one switch just disappear but was able to re-pair it easily back.

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Oh and on the addiction one yes that is me. I bought a hub about I would say 7 months ago and said I will start off slow. Well 200+ devices and about $5000 later… And still looking what I can add :slight_smile:

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In that case, definitely check out the “impress your friends” project reports list. Lots of cool stuff there. :tada:

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I am curious as to what are some of the devices and things or automations you have done.I just started about october and I have, two arlo pro’s, an ecobee3, hue gen 3 with six bulbs, 2 smart plugs, 2 door sensors, 3 motion sensors, 2 smart switches and sonos . I am wondering where to go next or what to buy. I have my eyes set on 2 more sensors for my ecobee and 5 more smart switches 2 more cameras, garage sensor and some smart vents once I GET MY smart switches for some fans. This has been a real addiction.

You would probably enjoy looking at the “get started” project reports quick browse list in the community – created wiki. This has topics like “the top 10 things to do with SmartThings,” “What device should I buy next?”, Etc.

There are a number of other quick browse lists there as well, including the famous “impress your friends” list mentioned above. :sunglasses: There’s also a “whole house projects” quick browse list with discussion topics from people who are doing a full house automation.

When I get home I’ll tell you a little some of the things that I have done haven’t got too much into it yet but I use it for automation mainly for the lights turn it on turn off because kids don’t know how to do any of that it seems.

I have automated all my outside lights to turn on 20 min after sunset and turn off same time at sunrise. If a room is unoccupied the light turns off it it’s occupied after sunset it turns on automatic. I have the living room to change to blue at a certain time at night I think at 9 as it’s more calming. I have GH and Alexa which can control anything and GH can change colors and brightness. Also they can turn on the TV and off. I have a few plugs and a zwave strip. All my fans are automated and can be adjusted by GH. If my windows open my ecobees3 shuts down the heat or ac. If my doors are left open for more then three min the alarm sounds. Also since the kids can’t learn to lock the door at night they all relock imedetaly after the door closes. And a few other things.

So I have a few questions.

Does google home control the tv’s alone or with logitech or some other device?
How did you have the window sensors communicate with ecobee?
What type of fan or set to automate fans? This is my next project and I COULD combine it with the ecobee project.
Does Alexa and GH both control lights and are the hue?

Seems like I should by a GH.

I like GH but it’s weird about naming things why I still have Alexa. Their is a smart app that works the AC automation. I use Logitech turn control the TV thru the hub and I don’t use hue. Fans can be automated thru lighting app. And GH can set the percentage of them also.

My house is full of z-wave switches and some z-wave plus as well. Probably 50+ of them and one of the biggest regret I have is not having at least 1/3 zigbee switches for better zigbee mesh. I ended up buying 5 zigbee plugs and 2 GE zigbee switches. Sad part is that the plugs are just for repeaters.