Disable alarm with lock key code

is it possible to disable alarm with lock key code?

Yes…, perhaps, depends on the lock brand.

Though I don’t know if a SmartApp is currently written.

Schlage Z-Wave lock will not report the code number input, just the code “slot number” matched, but that can be sufficient to trigger a mode change or other alarm related logic.

Yes I use this user lock manager code for quickset.locks. i have a routine called anyone’s home that disarms and changes mode … and it runs when the lock is opened only by whichever codes you want. I even used the app to add a one time use code for landscaper to get in a to a remote house and turn off the sprinklers and saw him trying to get back in with the code after and he was unabke to.

See this thread


While it is possible, the timing can be really tricky depending on exactly what would trigger your alarms going off.

The problem is that the unlock status message may bounce around the network a little bit before it gets to the hub.

If for example you have an alarm set because the door opens, it is entirely possible that the door opening message would be received before the lock unlocked message was received, resulting in the siren going off because the armed status had not yet been changed.

You would have similar problems with a motion detector.

Some of the community-created smart apps, including the very popular “smartalarm,” allow you to program a delay of typically 30 seconds into the system precisely for this purpose. It gives the legitimate person time to perform the disarm activity, whatever that might be, before triggering the alarm.

The new dashboard feature from SmartThings, “smart home monitor”, does not at present have any way to set a delay.

So if you’re using “smartalarm” by @geko ,just remember to set an appropriate delay. If you’re using “smart home monitor,” you may have to use some trial and error for your alarm conditions to find one that gives the person time to unlock the lock.

Also remember that different people may need longer delays. One family member might only need 10 seconds. A child, someone with a disability, or an allowed visitor like a dog walker who is having to look up the code on their phone might need much longer.


Yes you are right I had him wait 5 secs after unlocking door before going in… this is the work around until shm adds a delay

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