New User - Should I have gone with VeraPlus?

I almost feel like I made a bad decision purchasing SmatThings. Even though I am a Android user, most of my work is done on a Windows 10 PC. Using a Smart Phone is ridiculous for doing all of the work. A Web interface would be better. Should I have gone with VeraPlus?

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I have never used Vera, but I feel like the community for smartthings is very resourceful. There are many community developed smartApps that I am using that make smartThings so powerful. As far as a Web UI goes, there is a community member that is working on a webUI for a rules engine called CoRE.


Please be aware, he states it’s not even in the ALPHA phase yet, so I am not sure of the release date.


If you like using ST on Windows 10. I recommend using Bluestacks. It’s an Android emulator and easy to use.

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Ok, Thanks I will give it a try.

MeMu also for emulator suggestion.

Ok, thanks for replying.

Sometimes I wish that Samsung would just pay for the servers and let the community run the whole thing by itself. Every single advance, integration, innovation, and solution I’ve seen for the last 2 years has come from the community and not ST proper. At least that’s how it feels from where I’m sitting.


I should have know working with Cisco. Big Corp Samsung buys out a good product and then kills it for profit.

Honestly the best advice I can give you is to send it back if you’re within the 30 return period. If it weren’t for the community bailing ST our constantly nothing would work. ST stopped listening or caring to it’s user base once the founders got their hands on Samsung’s money.