New user looking for help connecting Nest & Chamberlain Products

Hello everyone,
So I’m moving over from WINK that looks to be going “belly up” and I would like to bring over my Nest cams, thermostats and smoke alarms. I also would like to bring over my Chamberlain garage door openers. Any guidance, links, etc. you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


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Please read the following threads:

Chamberlain MyQ

Nest: (Hint - you wont like what you find)

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First, thanks for replying. Second, with regards to Nest, I did not do the “upgrade” to Google as I wasn’t comfortable with that. I was told that since I did not do the Google switch over, that I could still do Smart Things. I was told I may have to se the older version of the Smart Things app though.

Any links for the Nest if I haven’t moved over to Google?


The migration isn’t the only thing - if you do not have a current preexisting valid account token already with a valid Works With Nest developer account you can’t get one to make NST Manager work.

There are other methods to make it work that use a loophole workaround and as such are very unsupported, therefore I can’t recommend it.

Looking forward to what happens when Google institutes the Works with Google program - but - they don’t seem to be in a hurry.

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This should be of interest, although, again, on those particular devices you may not get much satisfaction:

How to migrate from Wink to SmartThings


But there is no support for cameras in your current product, is there, @yvesracine ?

No, as indicated in the thread.

The access to the Nest Cams from SmartThings has been denied by Nest (http error 403, forbidden)…

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So after starting the transition to SmartThings from Nest, I have to say I’m impressed so far. The devices seem to react faster and the automations seem to work better and more consistently.

The only issue I have had is connecting my lamp switches. They don’t seem to want to connect.

What do you mean by transition from SmartThings to Nest?