New User - Can't get the hub to recognize anything

I just purchased a new hub and cannot get it to recognize devices. The hub installed OK and is recognized by my Android app.

I have both the GE plug-in smart dimmer (12718) and an IRIS Smart Plug 690407.

I can’t get the hub to recognize either device. I inserted both devices, one at a time, and pressed the button on the device a number of times, after pressing “Connect New Device” in the app. Neither device is recognized. The device and the hub are about 2 feet apart.

I looked up support on how to exclude a zwave device to start over ( ) but the menu picks described in the article do not match the Android app, so I have no idea how to find the Zwave utilities.

Suggestions? Could this be a bad hub?

You don’t see my locations under the menu? Those instructions follow my android build. An exclude is probably needed first.

I found the exclusion menu. I ran it but have no idea what how I know when its finished. The app says to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The manufacturer’s instructions say to follow the hub instructions. So what exactly am I supposed to do to exclude?

I’m also now sure why I’d have to do an exclude. This is a brand new hub that has never had a device paired. It seems strange that I should have to exclude something that has never been added.

I am wondering if the hub is bad.

This is not uncommon in the world of Z-Wave unfortunately.

Definitely reach out to support, they can help you exclude the device. :smile:

Agree with Tim here. I have a ton of devices, many of the Z-Wave devices I had to exclude before I could connect to the hub. I suspect this is due to testing in the factory, where the tech did not exclude before sending out.

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Thanks for the reply.

I was able to get the GE Zwave device paired after running a general exclusion. I’m not sure the proper way to do it, so I just let it run for a while then cancelled it.

I was not able to get the IRIS devices to pair, though. While I recognize that they’re not on the ST supported devices list, I believe that I had read that people had successfully gotten then paired. Any thoughts on these devices?