New User - Can I use the Quirky Power Pivot on ST v2?

Hello all,

New user after migrating from Wink. I had numerous issue with Wink but the one 100% reliable piece of hardware under Wink was the Quirky Power Pivot power-strip. Is there a way to use the Power Pivot with ST v2?

I have two of the strips and would really like to use them but not have to keep the Wink hub around.

Thanks so much.

I know some people had it working on V1 do a quick search on pivot

It’s no longer supported by SmartThings. I use IFTTT to proxy virtual switches with Quirky Power Pivot.

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But wouldnt that mean I would have to have the Wink hub connected too?

Thanks all.

Power Pivot has a standalone IFTTT channel. No hub required.

Im sorry, Im a bit dense to this. If no Wink hub is required, how would IFTTT control the PP?

For example - I would want to use this recipe:

IF (Security Light Comes On - STv2 Controlled) THEN (Turn on the Power Pivot - How controlled?)

Thanks so much.

The Quirky Power Pivot Genius can connect directly to WiFi using the Wink App. No Wink Hub required. From there, you can set up the IFTTT channel and control it that way.

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Wow ! Nice. I didn’t realize that. THANK YOU. :slight_smile:

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So I think I’m missing something, I setup IFTTT to “schedule” events but is there a way to “add” the plugs or device to ST using IFTTT so I can control it as a “thing” or can I only schedule via IFTTT? Thanks

There is an unsupported qwirky connect smartapp and it can be quite painful to setup but, it does work. Ive used it with a wink spotter, pivot power genius, egg minder, nimbus and a couple of porkfolios.

To use it, I believe you first need to setup the devices thru the wink smart app(no hub required). You would then need to manually request an oauth token for the smart app to use. Their is a pretty lengthy forum post here detailing the process and I had to do it a few times as they occasionally need to be re-setup.

Going the ifttt route is a nice fail safe for always being able to configure them though.

Thanks for all of the advise. I ended up using ifttt and it works just fine. There’s one hell of a delay for timed events, like 7min for scheduled events but that’s not that big of a deal for what I need it for. I installed the “Do” app from ifttt and I can trigger the individual outlets that way and it works fine. There’s about a 10sec delay using do but whatever, I’m perfectly fine with it.