New Use of Aeon HEM - Tell Me What You Think

So my wife has been pretty tolerant of my slight obsession with Home Automation. But the one thing she has always wanted was a way to know if she left the stove on. Finally after wiring up the entire house I got around to the project. I saw a few devices like this: The problem is the $90 price tag.

Then I got a clever idea. I already own an Aeotec HEM. They are $25 on Amazon. Doing some investigation I found that even the lowest setting uses at least 100 W. I hooked up the HEM in my power panel and a few adjustments to the standard Aeotec HME device type and I now have the following:

I have it updating about 10 seconds after a change, and although it needs some work…


love the idea, please share the code?

Device type for testing, please?